We invest in behind-the-meter rooftop solar PV systems and associated infrastructure.


Each system is commercialised through one or more power purchase agreements (PPAs) with a counterparty connected to the solar asset via a private wire network.


Any surplus electricity production will typically be sold by the Company to the public power grid.

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Our highly experienced renewable energy team offer a comprehensive all in one design, installation and maintenance service. We offer a fully funded, zero capex solution to decarbonise your property which consists of the following stages:

Stage 1: Technical assessment
  • Irradiation review
  • Structural survey
  • Planning permission (if required)
  • Grid connection application 
Stage 2: Legal contracts

  • Rooftop lease

  • PPA documentation


Stage 3: Capital commitment

  • ROOF pay for the entire capex

  • Zero capex cost for our clients


Stage 4: Installation

  • Installation done by highly experienced solar engineers

  • All installation works adhere to the highest standards of health & safety

  • Systems are fully tested ahead of being commissioned


Stage 5: Ongoing operations

  • ROOF will be responsible for the operations and maintenance of the system over the full 20 year term of the PPA



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Atrato Onsite Energy (ROOF) recently completed the installation of a 1MW rooftop solar PV project to energise the main production facilities of a food manufacturer in Yorkshire, the Vale of Mowbray Limited.


Vale of Mowbray is a family-owned business which has been in operation for over 200 years. It employs 264 people and supplies some of the biggest names in UK grocery including Morrisons, Iceland, Tesco and Nisa. It is recognised as the UK's number one pork pie brand, baking 1.5 million pies every week! (1)

ROOF paid for the entire cost of the project with no capex contribution required from Vale of Mowbray. Our newly installed PV system supplies Vale of Mowbray with long term fixed price electricity at a significant discount to what the company was previously paying to their utility company. Vale of Mowbray expects to save £45k per annum on its energy bills under the new Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with ROOF. (2)


This PV system covers a rooftop of circa 5,000 sq m (54,000 sq ft) and includes 2,500 solar panels and 8 inverters. 


The green energy generation from our PV system is expected to reduce Vale of Mowbray's reported greenhouse gas emissions by 200,000kg of carbon dioxide equivalent in the first year alone. (3)

Our rooftop PV system provides a very visible demonstration of Vale of Mowbray's commitment to sustainability. The green energy generated is fully traceable, measurable and reportable giving our client materially improved low carbon credentials.

ROOF is responsible for for the operations and maintenance of the system over the full 20 year term of the PPA, giving our client peace of mind that the technology will always be maintained and working efficiently.

(1) Vale of Mowbray website

(2) Atrato estimates based on current data

(3) Relative to electricity imported from the UK grid


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